US Declares War On Syria

by: Nameless Guy


The United States have just declared war on the Syrian Government and are accusing the Assad regime of using chemical sarin gas against its citizens. The Assad regime states that they did not use sarin gas against their people. They claim that they bombed a rebel hideout that housed the deadly sarin gas. So without out much evidence to work on, the United States decided to go ahead and strike the Assad regime, delivering some good old fashion “American Justice.” This justice comes in the form of 50 tomahawk missiles. These missiles have struck a Syrian air force base.

The problem is that Assad and Russia are allies. Not only does Russia supply the Assad regime with weapons, but there are even Russian airfields located in Syria. That is why starting a war with Assad will possibly spark a war between Russia and the United States.

My two cents:
This is a classic case of everyone pointing fingers at each other, and acting on emotions instead of thinking logically. What needs to be done is that the United Nation needs to step in and deploy peacekeepers and the Red Cross immediately to only stop the escalation of war, but to properly investigate and punish the true culprits.


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