The Spontaneous Formation of Life

Despite lacking in Earth’s conditions, bacteria have been shown to grow in space. Although, it is still not fully understood how organic life has it’s origins in space, is it theorized that the first organic microorganisms were transmitted to earth by hitchhiking on a comet or via an asteroid that impacted the Earth. Considering that all basic ingredients for life have been created and exist in space, it is possible that early organic microorganisms formed elsewhere in the universe prior to transportation to Earth. The life cycles of stars create the basic ingredients for life, as well as UV light. The two have been shown to ‘effectively promote photochemical processes in interstellar ice that have led to the formation of organic molecules.’ (Meierhenrich et al., 2011) The ‘photochemistry of interstellar ices [could have been incorporated] in cometary dust.’ (Meinert et al., 2012) which could have promoted spontaneous development and spread of early organic microorganisms in space through panspermia resulting in the introduction of early microscopic life on Earth.


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