13 Cartoons Forgotten By Time

By: Darcy Tellier


There are many cartoons out there that have been forgotten by time, but here is the cream of the crop of forgotten cartoons.

13. Bump in the Night
Who even remembers bump in the night? OK, it is not quite a cartoon, but it is worth mentioning.

12. Widget
This one is the main reason why I have written this article. I was doing some work, and I needed to add a widget to something, then that’s when I have gotten a wired flashback from my childhood. I’ll be honest Widget was really ugly, the fact that he can shape shift didn’t help him either. He even had his very own Super Nintendo game.

11. Sharky and George
This one will always be a classic, it takes the whole 70’s detective cop duo thing and sticks it underwater.

10. Red Wall
Red Wall was such a good series. It had interesting characters, plot, and adventure.

9. Samurai Pizza Cats
I don’t remember much about this show, but I do remember one thing, it was utterly ridiculous. Cats delivering pizzas in old Tokyo Japan. By the show’s timeline, I do not even think they even had pizza back then. Well in this show nothing surprises me.

8. The Mighty Ducks
Out of all the cartoons on this list, I think I missed this one the most. This cartoon was super bad-ass; sometimes it was even more bad-ass than biker mice from mars.

7.The Raccoons
If you ever watched this show as a kid and wondered what the hell was serial sneer supposed to be? For many years it was killing me inside to find out. A year ago, I had a professor of mine by the name of “Gerry Paquette” who worked as a director on one of the raccoon movies, told me that Serial Sneer was an Aardvark, or also known as an anteater.

6.Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classic
I have no idea where on T.V I was watching this, but all I know it was 5-6 am in the morning. This cartoon is the reason why I love reading grim fairy tales. For those of you who still think that fairy tales are just for children… Then you’re in for a real treat: https://youtu.be/jTx_6JZhfRo?t=7m20s
The truth is that fairy tales are very brutal in nature, unlike the sugar coated, Disney version. For example, the true version of the little mermaid ends in a tragedy, attempted murder, and suicide. The reason why I love the original version better is that it dives into something deep (pun intended). From what I remember from reading the original story is that mermaids have no soul and after 300 years they die and turn to sea foam. However, if our hero Ariel falls in love with a human she will get a human soul and both she and her lover’s soul would intertwine for eternity. So after saving the prince and becoming his personal concubine, the prince ditches her for another woman shattering her completely. So since she couldn’t be with him, Marina decided to die for him. The underlying lesson that this story is trying to convey is that love makes you do messed up things.

5. The Mysterious City of Gold
I remember one summer, my parents ditched cable tv for the entire summer. That entire summer we had coat hangers for the antenna and only had 2 and a half channels to watch. One channel was parliament TV, and the other was a French Canadian channel. On this French Canadian channel every day around 3 pm they played this freaking awesome cartoon. I had no idea what it was for years, then one day browsing through some old school anime I found it.

4.Maya the Bee
I remember this show playing early on weekday mornings on YTV. It was an interesting cartoon; it turns out that it was an anime from the 70s. All I can remember is that Maya was all about freedom. She was banished from her hive because the queen didn’t want the other bees to rebel, or something like that.

3.The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin
Come drink with me tonight!
I only remember this show because of the theme song. I always made fun of the theme song because it sounds like come drink with me tonight.

2. Stop the Smoggies
Stop the Smoggies is my all time favorite cartoon. You have the crazy women trying to find magic corral that is the equivalent of the fountain of youth, her pussy wiped husband that invents stuff; (he is the one that owns the ship) and finally … Poluto, the dude with the negative IQ score. Poluto is hands down the dumbest cartoon character ever created. The freaking guy drinks motor oil and eats coal for god sake. https://youtu.be/pvryiiv8kGk?t=8m49s  On the other end of the spectrum, you got the sun tots who live on the island and have to clean up after the Smoggies constant bullshit. At some point, they actually have given up on fixing the route of the problem and just decide to ignore everything until it gets out of control.

1.Dog City
This was killing me for forever! Every time I would explain this cartoon someone, people would think that I was either thinking of danger dog or I was on some sort of mind-altering LSD. Luckily for me, after some years hardcore research I have found it.

0.Rupert, the bear
A bear that goes on crazy ass adventures.

-1.Shadow Raiders
Another show that I could never find the name of until now.

Honorable mentions; 
Megas XLR


I just want everyone to remember that this cartoon existed. This was hands down the coolest cartoon ever created.


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