How Narrative Style effects Storytelling: The Re-telling of the Charm Creation Story

Narrative style can have a very big impact on the story that is being told. This is due to a lot of different aspects, such as the particular image that is implied through the gestures and different emphases that one particular narrator may make towards a point as opposed to another. Also, since each individual would have their own biases in regards to certain themes characters and situations for one reason or another this also would reflect on the narrative style. This is one issue that is very common in a lot of situations such as in a courtroom when a whiteness has to share their story. Even when we are interpreting older ancient stories we have to keep these biases in mind in order to get a better and more accurate understanding of what the author was really describing. One example of this can be found in Genesis where eve is portrayed as a disobedient character, and a temptress, through a different story telling style, she will not appear as disobedient character, and a temptress. Through a different storytelling style she may earn the sympathy of the readers and appear as more of a victim.

In the beginning there was another world unlike our own, up above the heavens, neighboring our own. This world perfect and was rich in plants, and spiritual entities much like our own. Dwelling within this space was a woman named Charm. As she ventured around everything that is good, she always questioned why things were the way that they were. The other creatures warned the not to be so curious. One day, Charm set out to find something to eat. As Charm ventured out to find some food, she came across a fish but fish was not what charm was craving. Charm then came across a rabbit, but rabbit was not what charm was feeling to eat. When Charm had failed to satisfy her hunger with these creatures, she discovered that she is pregnant, through the wisdom of rabbit. Once she learned that Rabbit satisfies her cravings with Red Fern Foot, Charm immediately set out to find some for herself.

It is at this moment that the great fall occurs through the disruption of the natural balance of this natural and perfect world. Charm began to dig within the ground of this world in search of some Red Fern Foot. Charm was ambitious to find some for herself regardless of any consequence. As she dug up the earth below her feet, the creatures had warned her not to dig so deep. Still keen on obtaining some Red Fern Foot, Charm continued to dig. Charm eventually dug a hole so big that ended up falling through. Charm fell through her perfect world, then off into the celestial nothingness of the outside world. Eventually Charm reached our world and began to fall from the sky onto the Earth. At this moment of time the Earth was nothing but a beautiful, perfect body of water. Everything was perfect, and all of the water creatures lived happily and in harmony above and within the waters of the Earth. As Charm began to fall from the sky, all of the water birds flew up to the sky to catch charm. Charm, being unable to survive on water alone was then placed upon a turtle’s back. Charm’s due date was coming soon and she needed dry land to survive on, so she sent the water animals to obtain some mud from beneath the water. Eventually an Otter returned with some of the Mud. When Charm obtained the mud she rolled it into a ball, then began to chant and sing. The mud spread and grew over the waters creating dry land. In order to create a balance between the creatures of the land and the sea, some of the creatures would need to move out from the waters onto the land. The creatures loved there perfect water and didn’t want to leave. Then charm gave birth to her twins. One was a boy and one was a girl. One light and one dark. One was left handed and the other was right handed. The right-handed twin smoothed out all the mud lumps creating a perfectly flat body of land allowing for a clear view from miles. The left handed Twin stomped around in the mud, and piled some of it cup creating vast mountains. The Right handed Twin dug into the ground and created straight rivers that flow in all directions so the water creatures can come and go as they please. The left handed twin made the rivers crooked, flow in only one direction and added rocks. The creatures asked the Left handed twin to create waterfalls, then it was done. The right handed twin set out to create a forest with all of the trees lined up for easier navigation. Then the left handed twin Came along and made some of the areas dense with trees, and other parts with much more open space. The creatures asked the right handed twin for some fruit and nut trees in case they get hungry, then it was done. The twins went on to create more and more things on the earth. One created roses the other created thorns. One created summer the other created winter. The twins asked the animals in there is anything else that this world needs. When the creatures asked the twins if they’ll need humans the twins created men and women. The twins assured the animals that they will get along just fine. As they all looked around at everything that was created in the Earth everyone was satisfied and content with the beauty that was around them.


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